The Spectrabox Professional is a high power LED grow light. The new Spectrabox Pro 4S is provided with new Full-spectrum leds and a powerful Flower Boosters. The switchable Flower Booster creates an ideal growing environment and increases yield. The Spectrabox Pro 4S is available 180W, 270W, 360W, 540W and 810W.

180W Spectrabox Pro 4S
270W Spectrabox Pro 4S
360W Spectrabox Pro 4S
540W Spectrabox Pro 4S
810W Spectrabox Pro 4S

Flower Booster:
During first growing stage the Flower Booster is turned off and the Spectrabox Professional creates a mostly blue light spectrum; roots and trunk will grow heavy, cuttings will stretch and prepare for flowering stage. The switchable Flower Booster create an ideal growing environmen for cuttings and seedlings, so they will grow fast and show no stress.
During flowering stage the Flower Booster must be turned on and the Spectrabox Professional creates an ideal flowering environment withe a more red light spectrum. Yield will be very high quality.