The Spectrabox Pro 6 is an advanced LED grow light with the latest LED technology, like the latest 3W CREE leds, SSP and SPC. This high-tech design makes the Spectrabox Pro 6 one of the most powerful and reliable LED grow light available. The Pro 6 is provided with switchable Flower Boosters, which create an ideal growing environment, so yield does increase and power consumption does decrease. The Spectrabox Pro 6 is available in 90W, 180W, 270W, 360W and 540W.

90W Spectrabox Pro-6
180W Spectrabox Pro-6
270W Spectrabox Pro-6
360W Spectrabox Pro-6
540W Spectrabox Pro-6

Flower Booster
During growing stage the Flower Booster is turned off and the Spectrabox Pro 6 creates a blue-white light spectrum; roots and trunk will grow heavy and cuttings will stretch and prepare for flowering stage. The switchable Flower Booster creates an ideal growing environmen for cuttings and seedlings, so they will grow fast and show no stress.
During flowering stage the Flower Booster must be turned on and the Spectrabox Pro 6 creates an ideal flowering environment with a more red light spectrum. Yield will have a very high quality.