The Spectrabox Bumble Bee is an advanced LED grow light with the latest LED technology, like passive LED cooling, 2W Samsung Horticulture LEDs, SSP and SPC. The innovative design makes the Spectrabox BB among the most powerful and reliable LED grow lights available. The Spectrabox BB is provided with a Dim controller to adjust the light intensity to the needs of plants, so yield does increase and power consumption does decrease. The Spectrabox BB is available in 200W, 300W, 400W, 600W and 800W.

200W Spectrabox BB
300W Spectrabox BB
400W Spectrabox BB
600W Spectrabox BB
800W Spectrabox BB

Innovative Alumium frame

The Spectrabox BB is provided with a innovative aluminum frame to prevent LEDs for overheating. Standard LED grow lights use fans to cool the LEDs, this is called active cooling. Using a heatsink or aluminum frame to cool the LEDs is called passive cooling. Passive cooling does have several advantages. First it does use less energy because no fans needs to be powered. Secondly the Spectrabox BB fanless design did make an IP66 waterproof level possible. The third advantage is the fanless design of the Spectrabox BB needs no maintenance, because fans do attract dust. These benefits contribute to a long lifespan!