720W Spectrabox Pro 5

The 720W Spectrabox Pro 5 is an advanced LED grow with the newest LED technology, like Ceramic leds, SSP and SPC. The Spectrabox Pro 5 is provided with 3W broadspectrum full-spectrum led chips, which makes the Spectrabox Pro 5 a very powerfull full-spectrum LED grow light. The 720W Spectrabox Pro 5 is also provided with a switchable Flower Booster to create an ideal growing and flowering environment.

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The powerful SB720Pro-5 replaces a 750W HPS grow light and saves 50% electricity;
Uses only the exact spectrum required for plants photosynthesis;
Switchable powerful Flower Booster creates an ideal growing environment and increases yield;
Built-in ventilation fans for optimal performance leds;
Built-in thermo sensitive devices cuts off power supply when overheating, either due to high ambient temperature or ventilation fans problems;
Ideal for all phases of plant growth, and works well with any indoor garden, whether hydroponics or soil based;
No setup required and no outside power supply, this is a plug and play light system;
OEM/ODM or customized integrated grow lighting solutions are available as well. Please contact us with your requirements;
CE, Rohr and Patent right;
Good after sales service; 2 years warranty.

manual SB720Pro-5 Product manual download

Parameters SB720Pro-5:

Led diode 3 / 6 Watt LED value 720 Watt
Number of leds 240 pieces Power factor > 92%
Wavelength Full-spectrum THD < 13%
Optic lenses Dual-beam Power consumption ~ 464 Watt
Estimate lifespan > Up to 30.000 hours Power consumption grow ~ 216 Watt
Height above plants 0.05 up to 2.25 meters Switch Flower Booster
Lighting area Max. 30 m² Ventilations fans 8 pieces
Working environment ≤ 40°C Voltage 230 Volt
Photon flux density ~ 850 µmol s/m² Relative humidity air ≤ 85%
Size Spectrabox Square 710*370*70mm Nett weight 8.2 KG
Packing size Square 750*430*115 mm Gross weight 8.7 KG