300W Spectrabox Gold

The 300W Spectrabox Gold is an advanced LED grow with the newest LED technology, like SSP and SPC. The Spectrabox Gold is provided with extreme powerful 3W broadband LED chips, which makes the Spectrabox Gold a full-spectrum LED grow light. The 300W Spectrabox Gold is provided with a fully adjustable Spectrum Control System to create a natural growing and flowering environment.

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Spectrum Control System:
With two Spectrum Controllers on the front side of the 300W Spectrabox Gold, the output of the light spectrum for growing and flowering can separately be adjusted.

During early growing stage only the Spectrum Controller for the blue grow sections needs adjustment. The Spectrum Controller for the is flowering section can be switched off. For seedlings and cuttings start with a light output of about 30% and slowly raise the light output during the growing stage. For 100% light output the plants need to be completely settled. In the last week of growing, the Controller for the flowering section can be slowly set to 50%. In the growing stage the distance between the 300W Spectrabox Gold and the plants can be about 35 cm.

During flowering stage both Spectrum Controllers needs adjustment. The Controller for the growing section needs to start at 100% and can be slowly adjusted to about 50% in the last two weeks. The Controller for the flowering section can start at about 50% and slowly go to the full 100% in about a week time. The distance between the 300W Spectrabox Gold and the plants can be about 35 cm.

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The powerful SB300-GED replaces a 400W to 600W HPS grow light and saves 50% electricity;
Uses only the exact spectrum required for plants photosynthesis;
Spectrum Control System to create a natural growing environment and increases yield;
Built-in ventilation fans for optimal performance leds;
Built-in thermo sensitive devices cuts off power supply when overheating, either due to high ambient temperature or ventilation fans problems;
Ideal for all phases of plant growth, and works well with any indoor garden, whether hydroponics or soil based;
No setup required and no outside power supply, this is a plug and play light system;
OEM/ODM or customized integrated grow lighting solutions are available as well. Please contact us with your requirements;
CE, Rohr and Patent right;
Good after sales service; 2 years warranty.

manual SB300-GED Product manual download


Driver Led chips 600 mA Led power output 166.5W typical
Wavelength Full-spectrum Power consumption ~ 308 Watt
Led beam angle Multi angle Voltage 230V / 110V
Lighting area Max. 25 m² Work frequency 50 Hz / 60Hz
Height above plants 0.1 up to 2.5 meters Ventilations fans 4 pieces
Working environment -20 ~ +40°C Spectrum Controllers 2 pieces
Lifespan > 30,000 hours Packing 4 pcs / carton
Photon flux density ~ 500 µmol s/m² N.W. 6.5 KG / pc
Size Spectrabox Square 440*280*70mm G.W. 7.2 KG / pc